Data Collection

Engage Your Clients at the Point of Contact

McHolmes sophisticated web-based data collection tool has capabilities to deliver tailored, fully-branded, and highly-structured surveys for all types of feedback and market research programs.

Whether you invite participation via email, as an overlay on a web page, or via a mobile link, you can deploy web surveys at the point of contact, ensuring they are timely and well-targeted to further increase engagement.


Maximize Feedback & Research Efficiency

McHolmes telephone interviewing capabilities, including IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) enable you to maximize productivity by making the best possible use of your people, your sample, and your processes.

McHolmes CATI centralizes your processes including call management, live monitoring, and detailed reporting, which allows you to manage distributed telephone interviewers working in multiple languages. You’ll always have the right people on the right jobs, no matter where they are located.

Use McHolmes telephone capabilities to:

  • Improve quality by running a highly reliable, end-to-end CATI solution.
  • Seamlessly integrate your telephone data collection with other channels.
  • Use sophisticated supervisor capabilities to ensure your senior staff can oversee large teams of interviewers, so you deliver a high-quality service to your customers while keeping costs low.
  • React fast by scaling up to take on big projects and back down when they’re complete, so no matter what your customers ask of you, your solution can keep pace.

Offline Interviewing

Conduct Highly Effective Face-to-Face Interviews

McHolmes CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) enables highly effective face-to-face or field interviewing while offline. The module is available as a standard module for completion by your field interviewers on Windows®, Android™ or iOS devices, or as a kiosk tool for self-completion by respondents.

McHolmes CAPI enables you to engage in feedback and research programs regardless of where respondents are located. You can efficiently manage a widely dispersed field force, and provide your interviewers with access to the same sophisticated survey capabilities offered by McHolmes's online solutions.

On Android devices, McHolmes CAPI includes additional features for image and location capture to add richness to your data. The software is localized into 42 languages on Windows, Android and iOS, giving complete flexibility to deploy multi-country studies.

Use McHolmes’s offline interviewing capabilities to harness:

  • Multimedia question options (videos, audio, images, etc.)
  • Complex survey logic for questionnaire routing
  • Advanced quota control
  • Multiple language options

Paper Survey Software

Scan Paper Surveys & Analyze with Digital Data

Paper questionnaires remain a key tool for research and feedback teams, particularly for projects that target hard-to-reach demographic groups. The accessibility of paper surveys increases the reach of your programs, engaging wider audiences than some digital research methods allow.

McHolmes, gives you access to the same sophisticated functionality for paper surveys as for all your other research channels. You can efficiently automate the entire data entry process and manage workflow from all your paper surveys. This saves time and money, and reduces errors compared to manual, keyed entry methods.

Use McHolmes' paper capabilities to:

  • Deploy your paper questionnaires
  • Scan completed questionnaires
  • Combine feedback from your paper surveys with all other channels
  • Analyze all the data in one place
  • Create flexible, distributed workflows that suit your business and ensure high-quality results


Gather Customer Feedback on the Go

McHolmes' mobile data collection software allows you to capture insights in-the-moment, adding a new dimension to your feedback and research programs. You can engage with your customers via an app, mobile browser, SMS, or as part of an ongoing panel, to ensure that your respondents have every opportunity to share their input with you